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Josh Pyorre

Josh Pyorre

PyoSec is the professional website for Josh Pyorre, used for sharing research in the field of cyber security.

Josh is a Security Researcher, currently working with Cisco Umbrella (previously OpenDNS). He was a threat analyst at NASA, working as part of the team that built the NASA Security Operations Center at Ames Research Center and has worked with Mandiant, helping to build their SOC while conducting incident response for multiple clients.

Prior to that, Josh was the technical director for a non-profit providing assistance to the homeless in San Francisco.

His professional interests involve network, computer and data security with a goal of maintaining and improving the security of as many systems and networks as possible. He loves to present and teach at conferences around the world and is available to assist with a variety of technical and security issues.

If you would like to have Josh speak at an event or discuss security strategy or options for your organization, please contact him via email