Where Josh has presented:


URL Analysis at Scale

Slides (PDF, 34 MB) Documentation and Scripts

Cisco Data Science Summit, Prague, CZ (Feb, 2024)

DeepSec, Vienna, AT (November, 2023)

  • I built the code for this over September and October of 2023 in preparation for DeepSec and am still actively developing it. Soon, I’ll set the work done here up as a website for others to use.

Signature-based Detection using Network Timing

Slides (PDF, 38 MB)

Qubit, Prague, CZ (April, 2023)

Cisco Data Science Summit, Prague, CZ (Feb, 2023)

DeepSec, Vienna, AT (November, 2022)

Ransomware Trends and Analysis

Slides (PDF, 32 MB)

DeepSec, Vienna, AT (November, 2020)

Exploitcon, Portland, OR (June, 2020)

  • work on this is ongoing and will continue to be updated as I prepare to present findings at additional conferences.

Automating Threat Intelligence

Slides (PDF, 31 MB) Documentation and Scripts

Qubit Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria (Nov, 2018)

We Pass the Costs to You, An Analysis of Cryptomining and Cryptojacking

Slides (PDF, 82 MB)

SANS Webinar (May, 2018)

Behavioral Analysis With DNS and Network Traffic

Slides (PDF, 18 MB) Documentation and Scripts

BSides Amsterdam (Sept, 2017)

BSides Las Vegas (Aug, 2017)

Info Security Europe, Olympia, London. UK (June, 2017)

InfoSec World, Orlando, FL (April, 2017)

DeepSec Vienna, Austria (Nov, 2016)

Uncovering and Visualizing Malicious Infrastructure

Research done with Andrea Scarfo

Slides (PDF, 25 MB)

Hong Kong, HK, DragonCon (Dec, 2020)

Anchorage, AK, Arctic-Con (Oct, 2020)

New Orleans, LA, SANS Threat Hunting Summit (Sept, 2018)

Building Intelligent HoneyPots

Slides (PDF, 28 MB) Documentation and Scripts

DeepSec, Vienna, Austria (Nov, 2015)

DerbyCon, Louisville, KY (Sept, 2015)

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field (Oct, 2015)

Source Boston, Boston, MA (2015)

Building an IDS for Cloud Services

Slides (PDF, 18 MB)

Source Boston, Boston, MA (2016)

Bsides Austin, TX (2016)

Bsides SF, CA (2015)

BSides Chicago (2015)


The Future of the Internet

Slides (PDF, 41 MB)

Santa Clara County: The Future of the Internet (Oct, 2017)

The Modern Soc

Slides (PDF, 21 MB)

BSides Portland: Workshop on building IDS and SOCs (Oct, 2017)

Bsides Vienna (Nov, 2016)

Source Seattle (Sept, 2016)

BSides Austin, TX, April 2016 (April, 2016)

QuBit, Prague, CZ, April 2016 (April, 2016)

Cloud Security World, Boston, MA (June 2016)

Defcon (Aug, 2010)

San Jose State, San Jose, CA: The NASA Security Operations Center (Sept, 2010)

Your Cloud is Bigger Than You Think

Slides (PDF, 10 MB)

Midwest Cyber Sec Conf, Milwaukee, WI (Sept, 2017)